The Prescription-Discount Advantage For Self-Insured Companies. And Their Employees.

May 18, 2023Prescription Discounts, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy

MedServRx: No prescription card saves more. Or delivers more. Not only does MedServRx offer savings of up to 80% (sometimes even more), it gives participating self-insured companies access to prescription-fulfillment data that’s commonly lost when patients use other prescription-discount cards. The MedServRx card, and all of the prescription-data reporting it delivers, are available at no … Read More

Why 340B Hospitals Should Now Build Their Own Specialty Pharmacies

May 3, 2023340B, 340B ESP, Covered Entities, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, TPA / TPAs

340B ESP and drug manufacturer restrictions are only part of the reason As we noted in a previous post, for 340B-eligible hospitals dealing with increasingly squeezed bottom lines, an in-house specialty pharmacy offers enormous savings and revenue potential. Some covered entities generate as much as 600% in specialty pharmacy revenue from 340B drugs as they … Read More

Manufacturers Accelerate Pace And Severity Of 340B Drug Pricing Restrictions

May 1, 2023340B, 340B ESP, Contract Pharmacy, Covered Entities, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions, Requirements, TPA / TPAs

There’s an old saying that it’s better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent. It’s a sad truth that accurately reflects the current state of 340B manufacturer restrictions, particularly in the wake of the January 30, 2023 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit — which was largely in … Read More

ProxsysRx’s MedServRx: The Prescription-Drug Advantage For Patients And Their Providers

March 23, 2023Medicare, PBM, Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Readmissions Reduction, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Value-Based Care

In the fall of 2022, ProxsysRx set-out to extend its pharmacy-based services to hospitals, their affiliated physicians and their patients by offering a multi-benefit prescription savings card. One that helps make unaffordable drugs more affordable, while increasing patients’ access to medications through prescription discounts. Just as importantly, a card that gives participating health systems access … Read More

How 340B Programs Can Positively Impact Value-Based Care Scores

March 9, 2023340B, Bedside Prescription Delivery, CMS Star Ratings, Covered Entities, Medicare, Medication Compliance, Meds To Beds, Meds To Beds, Outpatient Tracking, Overview, Patient Eligibility, Readmissions Reduction, Value-Based Care

It’s no secret that, for hospitals, one of the Affordable Care Act’s most far-reaching legacies is the impact that Value-Based Care has on the payments they receive. For many health systems, the lower their Value-Based Care scores, the lower the payments they receive from treating Medicare and Medicaid patients. What isn’t as commonly considered — … Read More

Brick Walls: Dealing With 340B Manufacturer Restrictions.

February 23, 2023340B, 340B ESP, Contract Pharmacy, Covered Entities, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions, PBM, Requirements, Specialty Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, TPA / TPAs

A ProxsysRx Team Member Speaks Out. I joined ProxsysRx in early 2021, and I’ve been devoted to 340B program management full-time since early 2022. I’m no stranger to heavily regulated programs. Nearly my whole professional career has been in some aspect of public health — preclinical, clinical and now post-clinical. I’m currently fully devoted to … Read More

The Ultimate Shame Of 340B ESP and Drug Manufacturer Restrictions

January 10, 2023340B, 340B ESP, Covered Entities, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions

Making the rich richer at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable. Why was the 340B program created? Nobody’s ever put it better than the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): “Congress created the 340B Drug Pricing Program in 1992 to protect safety-net hospitals from escalating drug prices by allowing them to purchase outpatient … Read More

Seven Steps For Overcoming 340B ESP and Other Manufacturer Restrictions on 340B Pricing

December 20, 2022340B, 340B ESP, Contract Pharmacy, Covered Entities, Requirements, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Pharmacy

ProxsysRx’s process for recovering lost 340B savings and revenue As we’ve noted in multiple earlier blog posts, 340B ESP is nothing short of a blatant, lawless tactic used by scores of drug manufacturers to disallow the discounts they are legally obligated to offer eligible entities. At the same time, a number of additional manufacturers are … Read More

Which TPAs Are The Best At Optimizing 340B Savings And Revenue?

December 8, 2022340B, Audit, Compliance, Contract Pharmacy, Covered Entities, TPA / TPAs

A covered entity’s guide to selecting TPAs for its 340B program TPAs play a critical role in any covered entity’s 340B program. It’s their job to match contract pharmacies’ prescription claims with patient data provided by the health systems they serve, to determine 340B eligibility — and generate entity savings. Without those matches, no prescriptions … Read More

How To Manage A Director of Pharmacy’s Responsibilities And An Optimized 340B Program. Without Hiring More Staff.

November 9, 2022340B, 340B ESP, Bedside Prescription Delivery, Compliance, Contract Pharmacy, Meds To Beds, Outpatient Tracking, Patient Eligibility, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy

Two DOPs Deal With Operations, The 340B Program, And Drug Manufacturers’ Restrictions ProxsysRx recently organized an introductory Zoom meeting between the DOPs of two health systems we serve. Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center’s (SMRMC) Tiffany Poole earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Mississippi in 2006. A ProxsysRx pharmacist since 2018, she … Read More