Improving Clinical Outcomes while decreasing reimbursement penalties.

Statistical evidence indicates that up to 70% of all preventable readmissions are due to patient prescription non-compliance. What's more, based on the analytics generated by our proprietary software, readmissions from prescription non-compliance are often significantly more expensive than other readmissions.

If your health system serves a significant percentage of low-pay or no-pay readmissions, you need no reminder of the financial consequences.

ProxsysRx will help you implement an effective Readmission Risk Reduction (RRR) program by targeting, and serving, the discharging patients you identify as high risk.

Proven results

ProxsysRx’s RRR program helped one health system reduce readmissions by 60.7% in just three months.

Program components

Bedside Prescription Delivery

Meds To Beds helps ensure that targeted patients receive personal prescription delivery, and advice for maintaining compliance, when they’re discharged.

Person-to-Person Patient Follow-Up

We assign Care Management Teams to all patients discharged with prescriptions, and a ProxsysRx professional (representing your health system) will make scheduled reminder calls to those patients during their first 30 days after discharge.

When patients aren’t maintaining compliance, we’ll work with them to determine Next Steps to solve the problem — whether it’s dosage confusiuon, inability to pay, lack of transportation, or even unanticipated interactions with existing medication protocols.

Patient- and Performance-Tracking Software

We keep all patients, and records of all our activity, in ProxsysRx’s customized software database — giving you real-time access, at all times, to all relevant performance metrics. What’s more, we use those metrics in working to continuously improve our own performance.

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