How Meds To Beds Programs Improve Outpatient Medication Compliance

May 17, 2022Medication Compliance, Meds To Beds, Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy No Comments

As we’ve reported elsewhere in this forum, statistical evidence indicates that up to 70% of all preventable hospital readmissions are caused by patient prescription non-compliance. What’s more, analytics generated by our own proprietary software further indicate that readmissions from prescription non-compliance are, on average, more expensive than other readmissions — often much more. Why Aren’t … Read More

What Is Value-Based Care, and How Can Your Outpatient Pharmacy Help?

May 12, 2022Medicare, Medication Compliance, Meds To Beds, Pharmacy As A Service (PAAS), Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Value-Based Care No Comments

One of the Affordable Care Act’s most far-reaching legacies is the ever-increasing impact that Value-Based Care has had on healthcare systems and physicians. In hospitals it’s seen primarily in the form of Per Diems and Readmission Adjustments. For physicians it’s reflected in MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment) scores. What are value-based care programs? According to the … Read More