ProxsysRx has generated over $500M in 340B revenue for the hospitals we serve.

What is your health system’s 340B ROI potential?

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Optimizing your 340B savings & revenue, while keeping you in complete compliance.

If your hospital is 340B-eligible, you may be missing-out on millions of dollars in retail and specialty prescription reimbursements. Savings and revenue which, for some hospitals we serve, literally make the difference between solvency and closure.

If the idea of saving millions sounds overstated, consider this: A single refill of Humira prescribed and not applied for 340B reimbursement will cost an eligible hospital roughly $1200 more than it can, and should, legally pay. The legislation was created to help eligible hospitals fill the inevitable revenue gaps that come with their mission-based business models. If your hospital is eligible, you owe it to your system, and your patients, to exercise your rights.

How do we keep clients compliant?

First and most importantly, we know every prescription drug that’s 340B-eligible — and we maintain a constantly-updated database (at our expense) that keeps us, and you, compliant at all times. Second, we maintain a policy of optimizing 340B savings that’s both aggressive and conservative. Which is to say that we aggressively pursue 340B savings for every prescription that’s worth pursuing; after all, some prescriptions are simply too low-cost at market rates to justify the effort needed to generate nominal savings.

At the same time, by keeping detailed electronic records on every prescription your outpatient pharmacy fills, we can instantly produce all the evidence you’d ever need to address an unfounded non-compliance citation.

An unblemished record of performance

Since 2013, ProxsysRx has served dozens of health systems, and not once has a client of ours ever been fined for a 340B violation.

We’ll mine your records for 340B-eligible prescriptions: Present and Past.

Our proprietary software not only identifies current and past reimbursable prescriptions for you, it automatically applies for those reimbursements.

We’ll teach your prescribers easy-to-follow Best Practices.

Our software also identifies prescribers in your system who aren’t taking full advantage of 340B savings and revenue. Frequently, the solution is simply familiarizing them with the prescribing procedures needed to ensure eligibility.

Occasionally, it’s a matter of matching elements in prescription forms. IE: A name entered Bob in one place and Robert in another will result in denial. Our system catches and corrects those errors.


We do, however, hold them accountable.

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