Best Practices For A 340B Hospital Looking To Build An Onsite Specialty Pharmacy

March 28, 2024340B, Outpatient Tracking, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Pharmacy

ProxsysRx recently gathered three of its corporate executives for an in-depth discussion of how an eligible health system can optimize revenues from its 340B program and its retail pharmacy, to help build and fund an onsite specialty pharmacy. Below is a lightly-edited transcript of that discussion. NOTE: If you’d prefer to watch the complete video … Read More

How 340B Programs Can Positively Impact Value-Based Care Scores

March 9, 2023340B, Bedside Prescription Delivery, CMS Star Ratings, Covered Entities, Medicare, Medication Compliance, Meds To Beds, Meds To Beds, Outpatient Tracking, Overview, Patient Eligibility, Readmissions Reduction, Value-Based Care

It’s no secret that, for hospitals, one of the Affordable Care Act’s most far-reaching legacies is the impact that Value-Based Care has on the payments they receive. For many health systems, the lower their Value-Based Care scores, the lower the payments they receive from treating Medicare and Medicaid patients. What isn’t as commonly considered — … Read More

How To Manage A Director of Pharmacy’s Responsibilities And An Optimized 340B Program. Without Hiring More Staff.

November 9, 2022340B, 340B ESP, Bedside Prescription Delivery, Compliance, Contract Pharmacy, Meds To Beds, Outpatient Tracking, Patient Eligibility, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy

Two DOPs Deal With Operations, The 340B Program, And Drug Manufacturers’ Restrictions ProxsysRx recently organized an introductory Zoom meeting between the DOPs of two health systems we serve. Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center’s (SMRMC) Tiffany Poole earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Mississippi in 2006. A ProxsysRx pharmacist since 2018, she … Read More

How Can Your Outpatient Pharmacy Help You Avoid “30-Day Readmission Rule” Medicare And Medicaid Penalties?

July 26, 2022CMS Star Ratings, Medicare, Medication Compliance, Outpatient Tracking, Readmissions, Readmissions Reduction, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Value-Based Care

What is the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program? HRRP is a value-based Medicare purchasing program that encourages hospitals to improve communication and care coordination to better engage patients and caregivers in discharge plans and, in turn, prevent avoidable readmissions. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, “Value-based programs reward health care providers with incentive … Read More

How Hospital Retail Pharmacies Can Track Patients For Better Outcomes After Discharge

June 16, 2022Medication Compliance, Outpatient Tracking, Readmissions, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy

The impact of medication non-adherence on hospital readmissions We’ve reported the following elsewhere in this forum, but it bears repeating: Statistics indicate that up to 70% of all preventable outpatient readmissions are due to prescription non-compliance. Making matters worse for hospitals, the analytics generated by ProxsysRx’s proprietary software indicate that readmissions from prescription non-compliance are … Read More