Meds To Beds

Improving revenue, medication compliance and patient satisfaction.

ProxsysRx’s Meds To Beds program is so much more than a tangible sign of your system’s care of, and for, the individuals & families you treat. It’s our first line of offense in ensuring patients follow prescription protocols after they’ve left your care — significantly decreasing the likelihood of readmission while, in the process, improving patient satisfaction and pharmacy revenues.

It’s a transitional care program which some systems we now serve had abandoned altogether, due to the costs of staffing and administration; costs which ProxsysRx fully assumes under Meds To Beds.

In one Mississippi health system alone, ProxsysRx filled over 18,000 discharge prescriptions in just 12 months — during which time, pharmacy revenues increased 125% and readmissions decreased 79%.

How it works

We’ll partner with your case management teams, nurses and physicians to implement a cohesive medication treatment plan for patients transitioning from hospital to home. We perform all the work ourselves in enhancing your current efforts, so there’s never any added burden on our clients; nurses and staff.

We’ll then deliver prescriptions bedside to patients — reviewing with them any issues that could compromise their willingness or ability to maintain prescription compliance, post-discharge. At that point, we’ll also set in motion our readmission risk reduction program — which is detailed on this page of our website.

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“ProxsysRx’s implementation of our retail pharmacy was virtually seamless. And for us, their Meds To Beds put their program over the top.”

Brian Argo
Conway Medical Center