MedServRx: No prescription card saves more. Or delivers more.

Not only does MedServRx offer savings of up to 80% (sometimes even more), it gives participating self-insured companies access to prescription-fulfillment data that’s commonly lost when patients use other prescription-discount cards.

The MedServRx card, and all of the prescription-data reporting it delivers, are available at no cost to participating companies and their employees.

The skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs

It’s no secret that prescription drug prices are rising faster than the rate of inflation, forcing employers to shift more of their prescription benefit costs to their employees and families. This usually means higher deductibles, higher co-pays, and lower morale among employees.

The problem even impacts insured prescription drug pricing

According to a study published by Kaiser Health News, insurance copays for 23% of all prescriptions cost patients more than the cash price of those drugs. Take, for instance, Toprol — a leading blood pressure treatment whose cash-discounted price is literally less than onefourth the copay charged by most insurance companies. Many other common prescriptions aren’t even covered by insurance.

The study also reported that “on some prescription claims, the total cost of the drug is less than the patient’s copayment.” For many, if not most, of those claims, a self-insured company’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) keeps the difference in what is known as a “clawback.”

Worse still, retail pharmacists are often bound by “gag clauses” in their contracts with PBMs — which forbids them to inform your employees when they can save money by paying cash.

The solution: MedServRx’s unmatched savings

The drug pricing problem is the primary reason why prescription savings cards are now so popular. Between 2017 and 2022, savings card transactions increased 63%. Savings cards are particularly popular for therapeutic and chronic disorders — like Anxiety, Depression, Hypertension, Heart Failure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes — and the higher patients’ insurance copays are, the likelier they are to use prescription-savings cards.

MedServRx’s first key advantage: The best-known prescription-discount programs draw-on a single prescription discounting network for lower prices. MedServRx draws-on multiple networks.

How MedServRx’s savings benefit employees and employers

In addition to lowering employees’ out-of-pocket costs, MedServRx’s savings plan means patients now have access to a larger list of drugs they can afford.

Healthier employees aren’t just happier employees. They’re happier at a lower cost to their employers. After all, fewer costly copay purchases means significant reductions in employers’ plan spending.

All MedServRx purchases automatically apply to employee deductibles

When your employees use other prescription-discount services, their transactions aren’t reported back to your TPA (Third Party Administrator). MedServRx’s savings plan has automatic reporting, saving your employees (and your company administrators) the trouble of submitting receipts toward their account deductibles.

Our software delivers detailed utilization reports as “.cvs” files — or other, similar file formats. This allows your benefits consultant (or your company administrators) to capture and aggregate your employees’ out-of-pocket expenses, and provide detailed deductible reports back to your benefits TPA.

Additional MedServRx advantages for employees and employers

MedServRx is not insurance, so no accounts or insurance cards are required. Your employees’ prescription savings cards activate automatically when they use them for the first time, and patients continue saving whenever they use their cards to fill prescriptions.

What’s more, your employees don’t even need to carry printed MedServRx cards to enjoy the prescription savings we provide. On the MedServRx website, they’ll find a digital card they can present at any participating local pharmacy whenever they fill a prescription.

MedServRx’s advanced prescription price-comparison search capabilities

As with other cards, your employees can use MedServRx’s website to search — and compare prices among participating local pharmacies — for drugs by name. Additionally, MedServRx enables them to search for prescription savings by dosage quantity (or volume) and by method of delivery (IE: capsules vs. liquid). This added search capability gives them the advantage of true price comparison based on their individual needs.

While your MedServRx website is primarily for pricing and informational purposes only, our program can field questions from your employees, and their pharmacists — with our 24/7 help line, email support and website Q & A.

MedServRx lets you brand your own prescription-savings program

When your company uses the MedServRx savings program, you have the option to use our prescription savings card solely under the MedServRx brand OR co-branded. We’ll even build you a co-branded website (featuring your logo, and your company name in the copy), and design co-branded MedServRx cards (printed and digital) that you can distribute to your employees. All at NO additional cost.

Needless to say, this additional level of branding enhances your company’s image among employees — building long-term employee loyalty and retention.

MedServRx even offers support for employees who can’t afford prescriptions

On your MedServRx website, employees who can’t afford their prescriptions are encouraged to report the problem to your plan’s administrators. MedServRx is often able to help qualify those patients for additional financial support.

Get MedServRx for your company. And your employees!

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