The Prescription-Discount Advantage For Self-Insured Companies. And Their Employees.

May 18, 2023Prescription Discounts, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy No Comments

MedServRx: No prescription card saves more. Or delivers more. Not only does MedServRx offer savings of up to 80% (sometimes even more), it gives participating self-insured companies access to prescription-fulfillment data that’s commonly lost when patients use other prescription-discount cards. The MedServRx card, and all of the prescription-data reporting it delivers, are available at no … Read More

ProxsysRx’s MedServRx: The Prescription-Drug Advantage For Patients And Their Providers

March 23, 2023Medicare, PBM, Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Readmissions Reduction, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Value-Based Care

In the fall of 2022, ProxsysRx set-out to extend its pharmacy-based services to hospitals, their affiliated physicians and their patients by offering a multi-benefit prescription savings card. One that helps make unaffordable drugs more affordable, while increasing patients’ access to medications through prescription discounts. Just as importantly, a card that gives participating health systems access … Read More

How Drug Manufacturer Restrictions And PBMs Undermine Hospitals’ 340B Savings And Outpatient-Pharmacy Margins

July 6, 2022340B, Contract Pharmacy, PBM, Prescription Discounts, Requirements, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy

If you’re an eligible hospital with an existing 340B program, you know that your wholly-owned outpatient pharmacy is required to buy non-340B medications at Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) — unless you’ve put it in an LLC, and registered it as a child site, or you’re a Critical Access Hospital, and exempt from the requirement. You’ve … Read More

How Outpatient Pharmacies in Hospitals Impact the True Costs of Readmissions

May 31, 2022Bedside Prescription Delivery, CMS Star Ratings, Medication Compliance, Meds To Beds, Meds To Beds, Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Readmissions Reduction, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy

How can outpatient pharmacies reduce hospital readmissions? We’ve reported the following statistical finding elsewhere in this forum, but it bears repeating: Up to 70% of all preventable outpatient hospital readmissions are due to prescription non-compliance. Making matters worse for hospitals, the analytics generated by ProxsysRx’s proprietary software indicate that average hospital readmissions from prescription non-compliance … Read More

How Meds To Beds Programs Improve Outpatient Medication Compliance

May 17, 2022Medication Compliance, Meds To Beds, Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy

As we’ve reported elsewhere in this forum, statistical evidence indicates that up to 70% of all preventable hospital readmissions are caused by patient prescription non-compliance. What’s more, analytics generated by our own proprietary software further indicate that readmissions from prescription non-compliance are, on average, more expensive than other readmissions — often much more. Why Aren’t … Read More

What Is Value-Based Care, and How Can Your Outpatient Pharmacy Help?

May 12, 2022Medicare, Medication Compliance, Meds To Beds, Pharmacy As A Service (PAAS), Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Value-Based Care

One of the Affordable Care Act’s most far-reaching legacies is the ever-increasing impact that Value-Based Care has had on healthcare systems and physicians. In hospitals it’s seen primarily in the form of Per Diems and Readmission Adjustments. For physicians it’s reflected in MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment) scores. What are value-based care programs? According to the … Read More