The Prescription-Discount Advantage For Patients And Their Providers

The multi-benefit MedServRx program complements ProxsysRx’s pharmacy-based services, helping increase patients’ access to medications by making many unaffordable drugs affordable. Just as importantly, our card gives participating health systems access to prescription-fulfillment data that’s commonly lost when patients use other prescription-savings cards.

How the Program Works

MedServRx’s prescription service is available to anyone in your community, offering easy access to lower-cost medications. It’s accepted at most local pharmacies in your service area.

Cost Plus prices, based on the NADAC list — provided by Medicare.

MedServRx delivers savings of up to 80%, or more. By offering your patients access to lower prescription drug costs, MedServRx supports improved compliance & adherence, and greater health equity.

It’s ideal for patients with:

  • High copays & deductibles
  • Low or No prescription drug coverage
  • Off-formulary prescriptions

Unmatched prescription-information reporting

MedServRx’s proprietary software delivers detailed PDE and utilization reports that your health system can use to:

  • Validate gap closures for patients filling prescriptions “OFF PBM.”
  • Authenticate your improved Medicare Medication Adherence scores.
  • Monitor and assess activity reports at all levels (by drug, prescriber, etc.).
  • Quantify the aggregate savings MedServRx generates for your community.
  • Reduce prescription-based revenue erosion.

Personal support for your health system. And your patients.

ProxsysRx’s on-campus pharmacies offer health systems patient-adherence support services like:

  • Free mail-to-home delivery
  • Generic cost-plus pricing
  • A $4, $8, $10 program
  • Medication synchronization
  • Refill reminders.

ProxsysRx’s pharmacy staff provides wide-ranging support to your health system’s clinics — from prescription-consultation to Meds To Beds and post-discharge patient follow-up (to ensure ongoing adherence, to help prevent medication conflicts, and to assist patients in need of additional financial support for their drugs).

What’s more, MedServRx supplements pharmacy-staff support with 24/7 help lines and email support.

A custom, user-friendly website with superior search capabilities

Our custom MedServRx website, incorporating your hospital’s name in the URL, enables users to search pricing, by zip code, for thousands of drugs available at participating local pharmacies.

No-cost marketing, promoting your health system’s participation in the program

MedServRx’s onsite promotional support includes

  • A freestanding counter display with prescription savings cards and brochures
  • 11” x 17” informational posters. Both include QR codes linked to our website.
  • MedServRx program branding can be customized to your health system, and our marketing approach can be designed to meet the needs of your providers and your community.

Get MedServRx for your health system.

For more information, contact
Richard Thomas C: 205.612.0462 |
Micah Russell. C: 205-566-7420 |

MedServRx is not insurance