An onsite specialty pharmacy offers enormous potential to positively impact your 340B hospital’s mission in the community.

It enables your health system to provide the best possible care to your sickest patients.

And it yields income you can use to support, expand and improve overall patient services. Some entities generate as much as 600% in 340B revenue from specialty drugs as they do from traditional retail prescriptions.

How much could a specialty pharmacy mean to your health system and its patients?

While opening an onsite specialty pharmacy is extremely challenging, ProxsysRx has developed a proven process for meeting those challenges.

Owning a specialty pharmacy starts with optimizing your 340B program.

ProxsysRx offers health systems a financial glide path to help fund their specialty pharmacies, setting-aside select 340B prescription revenue and the additional incomes we generate managing and/or owning retail pharmacies on their campuses.

Learn how to unlock revenue potential throughout the continuum of care.

If you’ve never considered the potential impact a 340B program could have on your health system, Click Here to access ProxsysRx’s ROI calculator.

ProxsysRx recently convened an in-depth roundtable discussion, outlining how eligible health systems successfully manage and operate onsite specialty pharmacies.

What can you do to ensure your specialty pharmacy’s success?

If you choose ProxsysRx to support your health system’s mission, we only pay ourselves from the revenue and savings we generate on your behalf.

We take-on all the risk, so you’re never exposed to even the potential for loss.

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