Leveraging Partnerships With Drug Manufacturers To Overcome 340B Restrictions On Specialty Drugs

March 1, 2024340B, 340B ESP, Bedside Prescription Delivery, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions, Medicare, Meds To Beds, PBM, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Pharmacy

It’s no secret that the 340B Drug Pricing Program has been a lifeline for eligible health systems, enabling them to fill-in the massive revenue gaps inherent to the non-profit-hospital business model (and, in the process, support their mission of providing quality care to our nation’s most vulnerable patients) through access to discounted prescription refills. At … Read More

Your Hospital’s 340B Contract Pharmacy Network Is Not What It Should Be.

February 15, 2024340B, Contract Pharmacy, Covered Entities, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions, Patient Eligibility, PBM, Prescription Discounts, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, TPA / TPAs, Uncategorized

Based on our experience, it’s a claim we can make with 100% certainty. Since 2019, when ProxsysRx launched its 340B Support Services division, we’ve managed the 340B programs of 18 health systems. Altogether, we’ve generated more than $500 million in 340B Savings and Revenue for those health systems — $98M in the first 10 months … Read More

The 2023 Guide To Implementing An Effective 340B Program

May 24, 2023340B, 340B ESP, Bedside Prescription Delivery, Compliance, Covered Entities, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions, Meds To Beds, PBM, Requirements, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Drugs, Specialty Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, TPA / TPAs

The 340B-program landscape has changed dramatically. For the 340B program’s first 28 years after its 1992 inception, the basic list of Best Practices for eligible entities (the 340B basics, if you will) remained largely unchanged — aside from the dramatically-increased importance of using specialized software. But since the June, 2020 introduction of 340B ESP — … Read More

ProxsysRx’s MedServRx: The Prescription-Drug Advantage For Patients And Their Providers

March 23, 2023Medicare, PBM, Prescription Discounts, Readmissions, Readmissions Reduction, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy, Value-Based Care

In the fall of 2022, ProxsysRx set-out to extend its pharmacy-based services to hospitals, their affiliated physicians and their patients by offering a multi-benefit prescription savings card. One that helps make unaffordable drugs more affordable, while increasing patients’ access to medications through prescription discounts. Just as importantly, a card that gives participating health systems access … Read More

Brick Walls: Dealing With 340B Manufacturer Restrictions.

February 23, 2023340B, 340B ESP, Contract Pharmacy, Covered Entities, Drug Manufacturer Restrictions, PBM, Requirements, Specialty Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, TPA / TPAs

A ProxsysRx Team Member Speaks Out. I joined ProxsysRx in early 2021, and I’ve been devoted to 340B program management full-time since early 2022. I’m no stranger to heavily regulated programs. Nearly my whole professional career has been in some aspect of public health — preclinical, clinical and now post-clinical. I’m currently fully devoted to … Read More

How Drug Manufacturer Restrictions And PBMs Undermine Hospitals’ 340B Savings And Outpatient-Pharmacy Margins

July 6, 2022340B, Contract Pharmacy, PBM, Prescription Discounts, Requirements, Retail / Outpatient Pharmacy

If you’re an eligible hospital with an existing 340B program, you know that your wholly-owned outpatient pharmacy is required to buy non-340B medications at Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) — unless you’ve put it in an LLC, and registered it as a child site, or you’re a Critical Access Hospital, and exempt from the requirement. You’ve … Read More