Financial support for patients who need it most.

ProxsysRx’s Prescription Payment Assistance program is yet another tangible way for you to fulfill your mission, while demonstrating goodwill in the community. We do all the work. You get all the credit. Simply stated, when uninsured patients can't afford their medication, we explore all options for covering their costs — from your hospital’s charity care program to paying out of our own pockets. The same goes for insured patients facing prohibitive copays.

MedServRx: A prescription-savings card for all of your patients.

With our MedServRx program, ProxsysRx enables participating health systems to offer prescription savings of up to 80% to all of its patients.

What’s more, MedServRx-filled prescriptions come with the added benefit of the same prescription-fulfillment reporting their providers get when patients use their insurance coverage to fill prescriptions. Their prescription data is captured and shared with Medicare payers and patients’ healthcare providers, thus ensuring accurate reporting of health systems’ patient-adherence — while giving providers a clearer picture of their patients’ progress.

MedServRx’s prescription discounts are available at all local pharmacies in participating health systems’ areas. No accounts or insurance cards are required. Patients’ prescription discount cards activate automatically when they use them for the first time, and patients continue saving whenever they use their cards to fill prescriptions.

ProxsysRx staff also provides local support to clinics, pharmacies and patients through 24/7 help lines and email support.

Finally, MedServRx cards can be produced with your health system’s branding or co-branded. It’s your choice!

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