An in-house specialty pharmacy offers 340B hospitals enormous savings and revenue potential. 

Some covered entities generate as much as 600% in specialty pharmacy revenue from 340B drugs as they do in traditional retail and contract pharmacy 340B revenue.

How much could a specialty pharmacy mean to your health system and its patients?


  • With your health system’s own specialty pharmacy, you keep a greater share of 340B specialty-drug savings.
  • Ownership entitles your specialty pharmacy access to certain Limited Distribution Drugs that may not be available at third-party contract specialty pharmacies.
  • Having your specialty pharmacy nearby enables you to overcome new manufacturer restrictions limiting eligible contract pharmacies to within 40 miles of your hospital.


  • Maintaining ownership keeps the Continuum Of Care for your patients within your health system’s controls and procedures.

Learn how a specialty pharmacy can help fill your revenue gaps and subsidize your Patient & Charity Care programs.

Set-aside some of your retail-prescription savings from 340B drugs (IE: “soft specialty” prescriptions like Humira). If you earmark them for funding your upfront costs, you can build-out your specialty pharmacy capabilities over time — while analyzing your clinics and workflows — without committing a large capital expenditure from your budget.

ProxsysRx owns or manages 22 in-house retail pharmacies. On average, those pharmacies generate $2500 - $3000 in net profit per bed, per month. For hospitals whose 340B programs ProxsysRx also manages, the average net profit per bed, per month is $3000 - $3500.100

Which means that a 200-bed hospital can expect to generate $500,000 to $700,000 in monthly net profit from ProxsysRx’s support.

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If you choose ProxsysRx to build-and-own or manage your retail pharmacy, we only pay ourselves from the revenue and savings we generate on your behalf. Profits which never come at the expense of patient service or satisfaction.

We take-on all the risk, so our clients are never exposed to even the potential for loss. And when we own the pharmacy, we become a tenant in your facility — generating additional revenue through rent payments.

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