Proxsys Rx Deploys Pharmacy Based Technology To Help Hospitals Meet The Meaningful Use Challenge

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Proxsys Rx Deploys Pharmacy Based Technology To Help Hospitals Meet The Meaningful Use Challenge

Pioneering Program Tackles High Stakes Electronic Health Records Incentives

(BIRMINGHAM, AL) Proxsys Rx has deployed proprietary cloud-based technology that enhances the patient experience for its health system partners while supporting up to seventy percent of hospitals’ efforts in their Meaningful Use-Stage 2 endeavors. The technology enables the Proxsys Rx pharmacist to provide the patient with face -to -face counseling bedside, via digital app. The education drives compliance and adherence, leading to better outcomes.

In the heavily regulated hospital industry, the term Meaningful Use is associated with high stakes regulatory and patient care issues. Proxsys Rx is an Integrated Outpatient Pharmacy Provider (IOPP that helps hospitals and health care systems navigate complex financial and regulatory pressures brought about by sweeping changes in health care policy.

“Our approach places the quality of patient care first. The Proxsys Rx pharmacist enhances the patient’s experience while providing the hospital with new engagement opportunities that are essential aspects of the continuum of care as defined by Meaningful Use- Stage 2 guidelines ”, said Proxsys Rx CEO George Salem.

“We provide hospitals with solutions focused on quality of patient care. The outpatient pharmacy becomes an integral resource for the hospital; our approach is innovation driven and technology supported”. Salem points out that the Proxsys Rx pharmacist, as a member of the hospital’s patient care team, plays a key role in helping the hospital meet some of the most challenging aspects of Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.

The Proxsys Rx App facilitates the Discharge Rx Delivery “DRxD” program which delivers prescribed discharge medications and drug information to a patient’s bedside at time of discharge. The primary goals of the DRxD Program are to positively impact key measures such as the patient experience and readmission rates. The program can also support the needs of high risk or chronic disease management programs. The program is facilitated by proprietary, cloud based mobile technology, which collects patient experience data, Meaningful Use data, and activity metrics. It also speeds informational flows, education, and the delivery of the medication to prospective patients.

The Electronic Health Record Incentive program, known as “EHR” provides financial incentives for the Meaningful Use of certified EHR technology to improve patient care. To receive an EHR incentive payment, providers must demonstrate they are meaningfully using their electronic health records to meet thresholds for a number of objectives in at least sixteen categories. Hospitals are scrambling to identify technologies and processes to help them attest to Meaningful Use-Stage 2 if they are to receive Medicare incentives and avoid stiff financial penalties.

The Proxsys Rx technology is the first of its kind to integrate outpatient pharmacy services along with other important patient engagements along the continuum of care within the hospital or clinical environment. With hospitals facing the threat of financial penalties in the form of Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement adjustments in 2015, the timing factor accelerates the urgency of the compliance issue. The new Proxsys Rx application allows for dynamic processing and information gathering that benefits both the hospital and the patient at a time when patients are beginning to notice changes across the health care spectrum.

Meaningful Use policies stem from The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which promotes the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology. Goals are to standardize the way health care providers and hospitals use Electronic Health Records technology to deliver the same quality of care for every patient, to reduce the overall cost of care and to increase patient engagement.

Proxsys Rx is a health services company focused on managing and integrating outpatient pharmacies into the continuum of care for hospitals and health systems in order to enhance the quality of care and drive economic indicators. Proxsys Rx capitalizes outpatient pharmacies and provides ongoing integration and operational support.

Proxsys Rx identifies, builds and manages processes that integrate the pharmacy into high value points along the continuum of care. The Proxsys Rx approach provides health care systems with long-term cost savings by reducing readmissions, improving HCAHPS scores and improving other key health system strategic indicators that impact reimbursements and margins. Additional information is available at

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