ProxsysRx and Pack Health Partner to Help Reduce Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

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ProxsysRx and Pack Health Partner to Help Reduce Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

ProxsysRx and Pack Health Partner to Help Reduce Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

(Birmingham, AL) – ProxsysRx, a healthcare solutions company, together with digital health coaching business Pack Health, announced a joint program aimed at reducing avoidable hospital readmissions by providing transition of care pharmacy services and engaging patients with digital health coaching post-discharge.

Unplanned hospital readmissions, or patients who are readmitted into a hospital shortly after being discharged, cost the US healthcare system billions of dollars a year. Given this, most payers of healthcare services have created strong value-based or performance-based incentives for hospitals to install programs to avoid readmissions.

ProxsysRx and Pack Health will provide one solution for hospitals and health systems. Using its technology-enabled process, ProxsysRx staff will provide discharging patients streamlined access to their medications and any related counseling. Qualifying patients will then be referred to Pack Health’s digital health coaching and care coordination services focused on educating the patient about their condition and coordinating care to avoid a readmission.

“With the growth of value-based care, hospitals and health systems are facing huge operational and financial challenges,” said George Salem, CEO of ProxsysRx. “Through our Pharmacy as a Service or PaaS programs, we are providing pharmacy solutions focused on these issues. We feel that coupling our efforts with the Pack Health patient engagement platform will help improve the quality of care and the economic wellbeing of our hospital partners.”

“Patient experience and outcomes post-discharge are crucial issues facing hospitals right now, and the problem is more acute in rural settings,” says Pack Health President Mazi Rasulnia. “With ProxsysRx, we have the opportunity to reach individuals in the crucial 30-day window and really transform the recovery experience to include not only education and convenience but also confidence and psychosocial support.”

ProxsysRx is implementing this combined initiative with several of its hospital partners. Patient recruitment will occur over the next 90 days, and results will be reviewed in the near term to assess the impact and determine how this program can be expanded going forward.

About Pack Health

Pack Health is a digital health coaching company that helps people access the right care and develop self-management skills to improve their health. Pack Health members work one-on-one with a nonclinical Health Advisor, online and over the phone, to address social determinants of health and achieve personal health goals. Results include higher satisfaction, better clinical outcomes, and lower total medical cost. Learn more at

About ProxsysRx

ProxsysRx is a healthcare solutions company that vertically integrates pharmacy initiatives into the continuum of care for hospitals and health systems. The company touches and improves key quality and economic indicators for our partners by delivering comprehensive pharmacy services that include local pharmacy operations and pharmacy-levered hospital performance programs. Learn more at

Media Contact: Melanie McCraney