Proxsys Rx Adds Turnkey 340B Plan Management to its Array of Services

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Proxsys Rx Adds Turnkey 340B Plan Management to its Array of Services

Emphasis on Transparency, Cost Savings, Patient Satisfaction, and Compliance

(Birmingham, AL) Proxsys Rx, the nation’s largest Integrated Outpatient Pharmacy Provider (IOPPTM), now provides an end-to-end solution to hospitals to help them comply with all aspects of the 340B program. Under the federally mandated 340B program, drug makers must provide eligible organizations with certain prescription drugs at significantly reduced prices. These organizations then contract with outpatient pharmacies to dispense the drugs to eligible patients who meet the program’s criteria. The 340B Program enables covered entities to make the most of scarce Federal resources in order to provide patients with access to more comprehensive services.

“Hospitals are able to dramatically reduce their 340B costs and enhance proper utilization by implementing Proxsys Rx solutions. They are also partnering with a seasoned team of professionals who have decades of experience navigating the intricacies of the regulatory system,” said Proxsys Rx CEO George B. Salem. Transparency and compliance are key benefits of the Proxsys Rx 340B program. The Proxsys Rx model allows the health care facility to better manage 340B operations by reducing the uncertainties related to program participation, cost and pricing that are inherent in similar programs. RxPreferred Benefits provides Proxsys Rx with management support.

Proxsys Rx provides hospitals with robust software tools and pharmacy integration programs to enhance their 340B program status and performance. When a hospital or health care system implements the Proxsys Rx 340B solution, they tap into the program’s real time management tools for enrollment, eligibility and crucial reporting that will support the requirements of an audit. Other features include inventory management, invoicing and automated drug replenishment.

Proxsys RX has secured 340B agreements with multiple health care systems as part of their comprehensive pharmacy services package.

About Proxsys Rx

Proxsys Rx is a health services company focused on managing and integrating outpatient pharmacies into the continuum of care for hospitals and health systems. Proxsys Rx provides health care systems with long-term quality of care and economic impact by focusing on key strategic indicators such as reducing readmissions, improving patient experience scores, and lowering the cost of employee benefits. Proxsys Rx solutions include pharmacy benefit management (PBM) and 340B administration, advance medical risk management, and claims-based medication reconciliation. Additional information is available at

About RxPreferred Benefits

RxPreferred Benefits ( is a privately held pharmacy benefit manager founded and solely owned by independent pharmacy representatives. RxPreferred offers a full line of pharmacy benefit management solutions for employer groups, municipalities, school districts and third party administrators focused on guaranteed savings and cost-containment strategies. Its SurgicalMeds division ( is a provider of preferred access and pricing to critical medications that are in short supply for ambulatory surgical centers, surgical hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide.

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