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Beyond your hospital walls to your community, from hospital to home, expanding care for your multi-visit patients.

Net revenue declines year over year due to CMS’ adoption of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program have negatively impacted many hospitals. HRRP reduces payments to hospitals with excess readmissions, and the most impacted are often the hospitals with minimal resources available to combat readmission rates.

ProxsysRx alleviates the readmission penalties for their hospital partners by reducing medication-related readmission risk, which accounts for 26-70% of hospital readmissions. Ensuring patients have their medication before discharge, ProxsysRx’s bedside prescription delivery eliminates barriers to prescription medication access due to cost, insurance coverage, and transportation issues.

ProxsysRx also offers PaaS (Pharmacy as a Service), which connects specific patient populations with post-discharge coaching and care coordination. Patients are selected for PaaS by Diagnosis Related Group (DRG), payor, or other facility-defined criteria. A series of post-discharge communications between the patient and/or caregivers, ProxsysRx pharmacists and health coaches, and available hospital resources delivers significant readmission risk reduction. Case studies available upon request.

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