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Paving the way for improved employee satisfaction and reduced pharmacy benefit costs

Proxsys Rx’s Prescriptions Solutions Service features transparency in pharmacy benefits administration and an employee pharmacy program. This service complements the implementation of an onsite retail pharmacy for Bedside Prescription Delivery and enhanced 340B savings.

The health systems maintain control of plan expenses while ensuring the pharmacy benefit design manages the needs of health system employees. Pharmacy benefits are administered with transparency to ensure administration costs are minimized. While traditional Pharmacy Benefit Managers keep a portion of the amount paid to them by the health plans in a practice known as “spread pricing”, the prescription services solution eliminates “spread pricing”. This yields 5 to 20 percent or $8-$12 per prescription savings. To validate all cost and manage program activity, a real-time desktop management system is provided.

The employee pharmacy program offers members several delivery options, lower co-pays, and savings through manufacturer co-pay assistance. This effort is designed to reduce the health/prescription benefit cost and increase employee satisfaction.

All necessary services are delivered including plan design, pharmacy claims processing, customized formulary management, rebate administration, member services, drug utilization review, and cost containment/reporting services.

Contact our experts today to learn more about how Proxsys Rx can help your hospital reduce pharmacy benefit cost while improving employee satisfaction.