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Beyond your hospital walls to your community, expand patient care from hospital to home.

ProxsysRx owns pharmacies on hospital campuses, manages hospital-owned pharmacies, and also has a solution for critical access hospitals. Our high-performing pharmacies are a cornerstone for increasing hospital revenue, lowering employee health benefits cost, reducing readmission risk, and increasing 340B savings.

Studies show that many patients do not fill their prescriptions after discharge. Factors such as transportation difficulties, medication costs, and prescription insurance prior authorization requirements are often the cause for post-discharge sub-optimal medication therapy. As a result, patients can end up back in the emergency department of the hospital from which they were just discharged.

Early in the patient’s hospital stay, our pharmacy teams partner with hospital case management teams, nurses, and physicians to ensure there is a cohesive medication treatment plan for the transition from hospital to home. Barriers to compliance with post-discharge medication therapy are identified and resolved before the patient is discharged by ensuring prior authorizations are completed, patient co-pay assistance is applied, and less expensive alternatives are suggested where appropriate. We allow patients to “opt-in” to the service and still have an industry-leading patient capture rate of 70%.

Post-discharge, our pharmacy teams continue the care, checking that the patients are adherent to and improving with their medication therapy. This focused approach leads to increased patient satisfaction, reduced readmissions, and improved prescription capture rates and revenue.

Our proprietary technology facilitates a streamlined process and also tracks and reports prescription capture rates from different hospital units, and offers additional information to increase outpatient pharmacy usage.

Contact our experts today to learn more about how a well-run bedside prescription delivery program can help your hospital grow revenue while improving the standard of care.