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New Community Pharmacy Planned for DeKalb, Mississippi

( Birmingham, AL) ProxsysRx, in collaboration with Rush Health Systems, is pleased to announce we are opening a new community pharmacy in DeKalb, Mississippi. Stennis Community Pharmacy will focus on providing high-quality personal service for the entire community of DeKalb and Kemper County. In addition to providing the full range of traditional pharmacy services, the new pharmacy will include a technology-driven solution that integrates new pharmacy options for patients at John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital.

“The healthcare needs in the communities we serve remain our number one focus; providing timely and convenient access to care is vital to meeting those needs. These expanded pharmacy services fill a critical community need and further Rush’s mission of providing quality medical care, innovation, and service to others,” said Larkin Kennedy, President/CEO, Rush Health Systems. Rush Health Systems has already successfully partnered with pharmacy developer ProxsysRx in Meridian. “This new pharmacy ensures residents of Kemper County will not have to travel far from home to access their prescriptions, and patients who are in the hospital will have access to a new option in pharmacy service,” added Scott Vincent, Administrator of John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital.

The ProxsysRx Bedside Prescription Delivery program offered through John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital provides patients with one-to-one prescription drug counseling and prescription drug fulfillment along with arrangements for refills and other customized services that help patients stay on track with their medicines. The program has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of hospital readmission.

“We have had the privilege of a long-standing partnership with Rush Health Systems. We look forward to serving all of Kemper County with Stennis Community Pharmacy and to providing employee services and Bedside Prescription Delivery Services for John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital. We couldn’t be more excited to become part of DeKalb and the entire Kemper County region,” said ProxsysRx CEO George B. Salem. “We have been given a very warm welcome here and look forward to opening the doors as soon as possible.”

The new pharmacy fills a crucial void in pharmacy service left by the closing of Fred’s pharmacy, which was the only freestanding pharmacy in DeKalb. Lack of access to a convenient pharmacy presents extreme hardship and health risk for residents of the DeKalb area, and ProxsysRx provides an innovative solution, providing the community with the pharmacy services they need.

About ProxsysRx
Proxsys Rx is a healthcare solutions company that vertically integrates pharmacy initiatives into the continuum of care for hospitals and health systems. The company touches and improves key quality and economic indicators for its partners by delivering comprehensive pharmacy services that include local pharmacy operations and pharmacy-levered hospital performance programs. Learn more at

About Rush Health Systems
Rush Health Systems is the largest, most diverse healthcare system in East Mississippi and West Alabama. With a 104-year legacy of medical innovation, quality care, and service to others, Rush Health Systems is comprised of 7 hospitals and 23 primary care clinics, with 250 staff and contracted physicians and 95 advanced-practice providers. Rush is the largest non-governmental employer in the region. Rush Health Systems includes Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, MS; The Specialty Hospital of Meridian in Meridian, MS; Medical Foundation, Inc., Laird Hospital in Union, MS; H.C. Watkins Memorial Hospital in Quitman, MS; Scott Regional Hospital in Morton, MS; John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital in DeKalb, MS, and Choctaw General Hospital in Butler, AL. For more information, please visit and follow Rush Health Systems on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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