About Us

About Us

Proxsys Rx is a healthcare solutions company with a proven track record of providing value, revenue, and savings to our health-system partners. Proxsys Rx improves key quality and economic indicators by delivering comprehensive pharmacy services in four key areas:

Bedside Prescription Delivery Programs

  • Over 70% discharge coverage rate utilizing Proxsys Rx technology and services.

Employee Health Benefit cost reductions

  • Up to a 20% cost decline in Pharmacy Benefit costs.
  • Programs significantly increase employee 340B qualification rates.

Expansion of Outpatient Pharmacy prescriptions and Retail 340B savings

  • Proxsys Rx Model dramatically improves 340B savings potential through outpatient and discharge programs.

Readmission Risk reduction

  • Proxsys Rx Model incorporates a total focus on enhancing patient wellbeing through transitional care programs utilizing a value-based approach that improves the financial performance of the Health System.